The past week has seen the defibrillator being deployed twice with the last occasion used on one of our members Nick Zinni. On the alarm being raised by Steve O’Keefe, your staff at HYC went into immediate action and the recent first aid training conducted by Chris Kelly greatly assisted in applying the DRSABCD of the St John Action Plan.

Steve O’Keefe , Adele Jackson, Desiree Ruchet, and Chris Kelly performed CPR with the defibrillator while other staff members Kylee, Deb and Sheryl provided the much needed support. We thank you and we are all very proud of you!

Our thanks also to Sally Simmonds who assisted in the purchase of the defibrillators and the installation of the external cabinet at HYC. There are 26 staff members at HYC who are trained with current First Aid qualifications and complement the availability of defibrillators at HYC. The cabinet located on the external wall at Pinky’s can be accessed by HYC staff and is registered as part of the St John WA Community First Responder Network. On behalf of all the members and Staff at HYC we wish Nick a safe and speedy recovery.

Our thoughts go out to Ian McCall who was assisting in the lifting of the club boat  “Balaton Jack” and had a fall which required hospitalisation. Ian is a quiet achiever and continually provides support to anyone who requires assistance, no matter what the task. He is passionate about “Balaton Jack” and puts in many hours each week to ensure that it is in the best possible shape for Anglers and Divers alike. We wish Ian a safe and speedy recovery.

While it is business as usual at HYC it is important that all members and staff practice good hygiene by regularly washing their hands with soap or hand sanitiser. Our aging population will be more vulnerable to COVID-19 (Coronavirus) and I urge you to read the weekly updates that we will be providing to you. You will see changes occur at HYC but they are being implemented to provide you with a safe environment, however they will not be effective unless we all take on board the directions and recommendations outlined in these updates.

Vice Commodore Garry Cunningham has bravely taken on the role of “Busy Bee Coordinator” and will be the go to person for all members who wish to help get the Club in ship shape before the onset of winter. There is a lot to do and if you have the knowledge, skills or simply want to contribute to this event then you are welcome to get in contact with Garry. One of the dates that has been put forward is 4 April 2020, so stay tuned for more information.

I was privileged to receive a visit from Kevin Chester, Member 99 the other day who reminisced about the early beginnings of the Club. I enjoyed hearing about the journey from those days to now through the eyes of a founding member. It was pleasing to see that the passion and love of HYC were still there. Kevin, I thank you for the kind words and for providing me with the support and assurance in making the ethos of “YOUR CLUB OUR MEMBERS” achievable.

Finally, your Flag Officers and dedicated staff are continually looking at ways they can make your visit to HYC more pleasurable and I ask for your patience and understanding if at times you may be inconvenienced when attending the Club.

Fred Gere, Commodore HYC