A letter from our Flag Officers:

Dear Fellow Members of Hillarys Yacht Club (HYC),

Today we are experiencing unprecedented levels of disruption and uncertainty. We can assure you that we are doing our best to maintain the integrity of the Club, including tapping into recently available assistance packages through Federal and State Government Departments. These packages are a vital part of our survival.  

From midday Monday 23 March 2020, the Stage 1 restrictions will restrict indoor venues from opening. This includes hotels, clubs, casinos, gyms, indoor sporting venues, cinemas, entertainment venues, night clubs and religious venues and include any outdoor spaces attached to these venues. These restrictions could be in place for as long as six months and will be reviewed monthly.

HYC will be providing Members with a take-away food and beverage menu, aiming for availability from Wednesday 25 March. Head Chef, Damo is working tirelessly to develop this menu, which is likely to change periodically based on the availability of products from our suppliers. We anticipate that Members will be able to order by phone, pay via their Club account or credit card and do a vehicle pick up from the car park adjacent to Pinky’s Wet Bar. We continue to work on a personal delivery system for our Senior Members and will keep you updated on these developments. Please watch for our emails and keep checking our website for updates.

The survival of HYC is dependent on all of us remaining supportive of the Club, as well as each other.  With annual memberships due on 1 May 2020, we ask that you dig deep and renew your membership as soon as possible as a way of supporting HYC. It’s through your funding that HYC will be able to function as a club and gathering place, for the benefit of all Members.

We appreciate that there will be some Members who may have reduced financial capacity at this time and if that is a situation you find yourself in, please contact the office so that we can provide alternative payment options for you may remain a valued Member of Hillarys Yacht Club.

Management are doing everything in their power to reduce overhead costs and while a levy is an option available to the Committee, we hope that we are able to work through this without the need to apply one.

The continued support and generosity from existing and new sponsors, suppliers and volunteers is now vital in the overall functionality and survival of HYC. Without all of you, we would have struggled in the past and your support in the future is now paramount. We thank you all for your continued support and we ask that all our Members in turn support you in these difficult times.

If you are a pen owner, it may be an opportune time to extend your current pen lease. If you are interested, please contact the Commodore direct on 0418944651. Extended leases will be assessed on a case by case basis and be approved by the Management Committee

“Your Club Our Members”

Commodore Fred Gere, Vice Commodore Brett Bailey, Vice Commodore Garry Cunningham, Rear Commodore James Leesue, Rear Commodore Rob Gillespie, Rear Commodore Mark Taylor, Rear Commodore Graham Townsend, Rear Commodore Allan McDiarmid, Treasurer Paul Skinner & Independent Member Roric Smith.