The Management Committee has reviewed the levy position of HYC Members and have decreed the following: ” The 2019-2020 3rd and 4th quarter levy due to expire on the 30 April 2020 has now been extended to expire on 31 October 2020.  The extension is only granted to Members who have fully paid their levy and renew their 2020/2021 membership and first quarter levy by 31 May 2020.”

We will be working with the Constitutional Compliance Committee (CCC) as this is a breach of Section 6.11.5 of the Hillarys Yacht Club Constitution, however these events are extraordinary. It would be difficult, if not impossible to request for a Special General Meeting and not appropriate to wait for the AGM which currently may have to be delayed until after August 2020.

The Take Away & Beverage Menu is currently being prepared and I am hopeful of it being available so that we can provide you with that service starting this Friday! I know Damo and his crew have been burning the midnight oil to keep it line with affordable home type meals – so be ready!

Fred Gere
Commodore, HYC