The change that we have endured in the past 2 weeks has been challenging and concerning to all our Members, staff and their families. HYC have always abided by the guidelines provided by both federal and state government agencies that were updated daily with social distancing, instructor education and environment sanitation as our high priorities.  At the end of the day we relied on the honesty of participants and full disclosure when attending these sessions. It is with deep regret that as a result of the introduction of Stage 2 restrictions, HYC will postpone all training and sailing events until further notice. I would like to personally thank Chris Kelly and Adele Jackson who worked tirelessly to prepare events through some difficult times in an effort to be prepared if the restrictions remained unchanged, which unfortunately has not been the case. Both Chris & Adele  are already preparing courses that can be weaved into holidays, weekends or long weekends, which will be dependent on the advice received from these guiding agencies. 

Both Ian McCall and Nick Zinni are now home and recuperating well. Due to the current climate and the importance for them to self-isolate, it best to send a text or give them a call.

Being bright eyed and bushy tailed paid off last week with the trio that have been fishing on the pontoon finally being confronted and escorted off the premises. My thanks to all the Liveaboards and early risers who provided the visible support during the approach and removal. The pedestrian gate has now been changed to open at 7:00am which should eliminate any further early morning unwanted visits and see the population of our baby snapper flourish.

A walk along the jetties the other day revealed a number of crab nets, cray pots and other bits and pieces which not only make your Club look untidy, but creates potential hazards for your fellow pen members. There have been a number of cases where crab net ropes have been left unattended, floated into neighbouring pens and wrapped around propeller shafts especially on N and P jetties. It is only a matter of time before costly damage is caused as a result of crab nets. We wish for your children to have fun, but it’s ultimately the responsibility of parents to ensure all nets and ropes are removed from the water. Any nets found in the water in the future will be confiscated.

As seen in a separate update, the levies have been reviewed by the Management Committee with the following outcome: “the 2019-2020 3rd and 4th quarter levies due to expire on 30 April 2020 will now expire on 31 October 2020. This is providing that you renew your membership and pay the first quarter levy by the due date, being 31 May 2020. All the 2020/2021 levies will expire on 30 April 2021 and albeit a breach of the Constitution has occurred,  the current climate dictated immediate action with approval to be sought at the next AGM”.

The Marina Facilities Guidelines amendments have been passed and will be forwarded to the Marina Facilities Committee for insertion in the by-laws. The new Section 14 will give clear instructions to vessels berthing at the VIP and Collector jetties to minimise any inconvenience to HYC Pen Occupants. Please peruse these new by-laws when they are updated as they will be strictly enforced.

It has come to our attention that vessels are being refuelled in their pen from jerry cans being conveyed to the boat from shore. This practice is not only dangerous but against the Marina Facilities Bylaws Section 6 which only allows this practice to be undertaken in an extreme emergency and approved by Management or it can be decanted outside of the HYC lease or Marina. Please refrain from doing this and avoid being embarrassed by appearing in video security vision.

Rottnest Island is officially not welcoming overnight guests and day visitors to the Island in the foreseeable future as from today. This includes private vessels, mooring licensees, authorised users and those with rental mooring bookings. All inquiries can be made by contacting Rottnest Island on 1800111111.

The Take Away Menu is nearing completion and will be posted soon. It will include hot take away and even cold/frozen home comfort meals starting this Friday. The menu will also include the beverages available with some price reductions on certain lines. Now is the time to spend your remaining levy so get ready to order, collect and enjoy in the confines of your home or boat!

Finally you will see the new webpage is starting to take shape and a big “high five” to Andrea Chimilar who has remained focused and continued to develop and implement this website with the constant interruption from myself to get urgent information out to our Members. This will continue to be developed and as with all changes, there will be teething issues. As such I ask for your patience and understanding.

Fred Gere, Commodore HYC