As we continue towards the path of a mandatory full lock down, you will see changes occurring across your Club. These changes are being implemented to protect you as well as the staff and it is a small price to pay for “doing the right thing.” Access will now be restricted to Members only. All other persons will be required to contact the office prior to proceeding.

On Monday the pedestrian gate was placed on full lock. This means that you can exit by the use of the button, however you cannot enter. The main gates have been placed on automatic close 24/7 and access to the Club is gained by using your access card. We ask that you do not allow other vehicles to tag along behind you to gain access into the grounds or attempt to force the gate open. This will damage the gate and access will be even further restricted.

Hillarys Marina Lifting Service have restricted access to the yard from last week. This includes the pedestrian gate being locked at all times and those wishing to enter via the main gate must contact the office first.

Rod Sweet has advised HYC that there has been a steady increase in thefts from boats. It is important to reduce the risk for thefts to occur by following the basic principles of “Look, Lock and Leave.”

There are a number of Liveaboards together with security video which is constantly being improved but we all need to:

  • Lock up your boats
  • Remove valuable items
  • Be observant and report suspicious behaviour to the Water Police on 9442 8600 or VHF 16 & 67
  • Let HYC know on 04922888783 by voice or text so that all Members can be notified
  • Minimise the opportunity afforded to thieves to be active around the Club through target hardening and reactive behaviour by Members.

You have, or are about to receive your Membership and Pen Fees for 2020/2021. You would have also received an email on 27 March with details of how to log into your new Membership Dashboard on the website to view your transactions and make payments. As previously mentioned, the current environment has impacted all of us in various ways. We value your membership and want all of you to remain Members of HYC. A number of payment options are available. If you would like to enquire about payment options, please contact the office during office hours on 92462833 or by email on admin@hillarysyactclub.com.au. We will work with you as only your continued membership will enable your Club to survive.

The Management Committee recently passed new amendments to the Marina Facilities Bylaws with the inclusion of a new Section 14 & 15. Section 14 deals with the use of the VIP and Collector Jetties, and Section 15 is additional guidelines for visiting clubs. The ethos of these new rules is to minimise the disruption of pen holders when these locations are being used on a overnight basis.

There are two icon pens which have recently becoming available on a sub-lease basis. If you are interested, they are advertised on the HYC notice board or you can contact me direct for further information. One pen is a 10-12M step pen on N Jetty that is available on a 12 month sub lease with an option to renew. The other is a 10M pen on P Jetty which the owner is looking at either leasing it for 12 months but would prefer an outright sale with 8 years remaining on the lease.

Vice Commodore Garry Cunningham is well on the way to planning various busy bee days to undertake maintenance in areas while the Club is closed for business. We are looking for volunteers to do odd jobs around the place but specifically PAINTERS, CARPENTERS, ELECTRICIANS & LOCKSMITHS who may be able to volunteer a few hours to assist Garry and his team. If you can provide this support please email Garry on garry_cunningham60@hotmail.com

Our Chefs are still coming up with innovative meals and the seafood curry last week was exceptional! There are new meals on the menu this week so get in quick because last week we sold out of the popular dishes. Take away beverages and the cold meals are available on most days with limited hot takeaway meals being also available from Friday to Sunday.

I am pleased to advise our Members that we have officially entered into a MOU with the North Beach RSL to allow our veterans the use the Dining and Bar areas of HYC. It is indeed a privilege to be able to undertake this arrangement and saying to our veterans “For what they have done, this we will do” Stay safe and remember that you cannot sneak off to Rottnest as it is closed and failure to comply is punishable by a fine of up to $50,000 for individuals and $250,000 for body corporate.

Fred Gere, Commodore HYC

Review the full statement from Rottnest Island Authority. Rottnest Island Boundary map below.