The Warriors of the Marina Facilities Watch advise that winter is coming! The temperature drops and the increase in wind speed is a sure sign that winter is on the way. It is a timely reminder for all boat owners to undertake a visual inspection of all ropes and moorings associated with the pen. Early intervention will result in substantial savings in the long term. Our Marina Lifting Service is also offering some great discounts on winter boat maintenance for members including 20% off lifting and pressure cleaning.

The COVID-19 pandemic continues to have subsequent repercussions, with the HYC AGM being rescheduled to Sunday 13 September 2020 in line with Clause 16.2 of the HYC Constitution. If additional time is required then an application will be submitted to the Department of Mines, Industry Relation and Safety, Consumer Protection. This in turn means that the AGM by the Sections can now be extended into June 2020 if required.

The POW (Paddle on Water) Section is well and truly on the move with a special thanks to Graham Townsend and his talented workers at Minprovise for the supply and installation of the state of the art SUP (stand up paddle) rack, which not only looks impressive but should serve HYC well into the future. Please remember this is not a storage rack but a rack for members who participate in the POW group.

Stand Up Paddle and Kayak Rack supplied by Minprovise

Damo (who should be on leave but cannot help coming back to make sure we are all on track!) Mitch and Gagandeep have easily pumped out over 750 frozen meals in the past few weeks, which is a testimony to their passion to provide a service to our members. Having purchased and tried most of them, you will agree that they are delicious and a true value for money home cooked meal.

The Constitution/Members Protection Policy/Marina Facilities documents have unfortunately been unable to be linked to the HYC website, however should you wish to obtain a copy please do not hesitate to email me at gm@hillarysyachtclub.com.au and I will forward you an electronic copy. We are hopeful that this will be rectified in the not too distant future.

On behalf of all members and staff I passed on our best wishes to John Levitt who celebrated his 88th birthday on Tuesday. John has been a keen angler for many years and has participated in all the Junior Angling Clinics since their inception. He is also a HYC record holder for the infamous Toad Fish! Our thanks to Garry and Debbie Cunningham for keeping John updated with what is happening around the club and passing on our best wishes. We look forward to seeing John back participating in the clinics and the AAA in the near future!

Unclaimed items
Unclaimed item

On Tuesday 28 April 2020 some 20-30 community volunteers will descend on the club to clean up and rehab the lawn /garden areas, jetties and the HYC grounds. Please be aware that anything that does not belong or contravenes the HYC Marina Facilities Guidelines or Club Rules will be removed and disposed of. A walk through the car park the other day saw a variety of surf skis, kayaks, canoes, timber, tenders, cray pots, crab nets etc simply abandoned on jetty fingers or the car park, so take the time to remove any of your property and store it in a safe location before Tuesday.

We are currently looking at the way we will undertake the “soft opening” of the Hillarys Yacht Club licensed areas once this direction is given to us by Federal and State Governments. While we anticipate that this is still some weeks away, we are planning as to what as to what that may look like as early indications are that Buffet Dining will not be permitted due to the high probability of contamination. Your staff are currently looking at a number of catering methods and appropriate dishes for a “blackboard menu” that will feature fresh produce as available as well as some of your old-time favourites.

It is highly probable that the soft opening will commence with opening of the downstairs Marina/Reflections area being divided into a dining and members bar area as we suspect that the number of members permitted on the premises will be dictated by the size of the room. I will keep you informed as we work through this to ensure that it is the best possible outcome for all members. 

Stay Safe on and off the water!

Fred Gere, Commodore HYC