We are slowly returning to normality as the Government cautiously introduces further relaxation of the lock downs that were imposed on us earlier this year. As the club enters into these new phases, it is important for all members to remember that we are bound by legislative requirements to maintain levels of compliance that have been implemented for the safety and care of all members. Please remember if you are asked to comply with these requirements, it is for your protection and that of your fellow members.

Our COVID Safety Plans are updated and will continue to be implemented. We ask all members to continue to keep up physical distancing where possible and maintain good personal hygiene to better protect themselves and the general health of our community. These plans help mitigate the risk of COVID-19 and are in line with health advice. They provide extra confidence to members, visitors and staff entering the club.

On a brighter note you are finally allowed to sit or stand at a bar, walk around and join in conversations with friends and fellow members which is a big shift from having to remain seated while eating and drinking! There are however still some restrictions in place which include social distancing but we are on the pathway to have all restrictions removed by 18 July 2020 pending no outbreaks as we have seen recently in Victoria. 

Since Saturday 27 June 2020 we have seen the 100/300 gathering rule removed but we are still required to abide by the 2 square metre rule, which currently allows up to 450 patrons at any given time including the alfresco area. While you are now not required to sign in, members are reminded that they are still required to sign in their respective guests as required by the Liquor Licensing Regulations.

We all look forward to Phase 5 which is planned to occur on Saturday 18 July 2020 which will result in the removal of the 2 square metre rule, gathering restrictions, other COVID-related rules introduced by the WA Government, and the 50 per cent capacity limit for major venues.

At a meeting of the Management on 27th September 1993, the Diving Section advised that a boat HYC was looking to purchase had passed all inspections. A motion was then carried that the Club purchase a Dragon design boat named Mirage for $32,000. This was as a result of some significant work done by the then Rear Commodore Diving John Lyford and Rear Commodore Fishing Geoff Kemp.

During the last 27 years Mirage has served us well including taking divers out to various dive sites, used as a Start Boat for numerous sailing events and gave us the ability to provide a Junior Fishing Clinic and as a fishing platform for HYC Angling competitions. Sadly, it is time that she retires and at the Management Committee Meeting on Monday 29 June 2020 a motion was passed that Mirage be decommissioned as a Club Boat and it is to be firstly offered for sale or be salvaged. This is an ideal opportunity for any enthusiast to have fun with this old favourite. If you are interested, please contact Chris Kelly or myself for further details.

I am also looking for any member who is a Structural Engineer and may be able to assist in assessing a scope of works that we are looking at in the future, specifically in the jetty construction environment. If you can provide this expert advice then I would be grateful if you can contact me at the office or my mobile and provide me with some guidance in this area.

On Friday 26 June 2020 the “Welcome Back to HYC” night saw a big crowd turn up to what was a successful and entertaining evening with wine tasting, meat raffles, wine raffles, food tasting and great entertainment which turned out to be an enjoyable evening by all who attended. For those who could not attend due to restrictions we are looking at revisiting a similar style event in the coming weeks! So stay tuned and get in early with your table bookings. On the same night also presented Paul Frzop with his 25 year membership badge which was justly deserved with his contribution to not only the Angling Section but also to the Yacht Club.

I am aware that there has been some slippage in the presentation of the 25 year membership badge, so if you have not received your badge please drop me an email.

Stay safe on and off the water!

Fred Gere, Commodore HYC