A friendly reminder that the “Informing Night” focussing on “Financials, The Investigations and The Roadmap to Recovery – A Two Year Plan” is on tonight at 6PM.  Thank you to the members that sent in their questions in advance, it was appreciated and will enable me to cover the matters that you have concerns with. The restaurant will not be open, however the bar will remain open until 10:00PM. Attendance at this meeting is restricted to financial members of the Hillarys Yacht Club.

The AGM will be held at 10:00AM on Sunday 13 September 2020 at the Hillarys Yacht Club. All documents pertaining to the AGM were sent out via email last week. If you have not received them, please contact the Club so that we can forward the papers to you. Please note that only the Order of Business will be available on the day. PLEASE MAKE AN EFFORT TO ATTEND AS THERE ARE A NUMBER OF CHANGES TO THE CONSTITUTION THAT REQUIRE YOUR INPUT.

Camera shy Brad, our Maintenance Manager

A couple of big “Thank You” goes out to Simon Davenport and his team at Carpets Online who recently undertook the supply and laying of the carpet in the upstairs area. Thanks also to Leigh Clifton for his glazing skills. I would also like to make special mention of Brad West our resident Maintenance Manager who spent countless hours in looking at various ways to protect the integrity of the new carpet from potential ingress of storms. Great ideas and countless messages at all hours of the day and night resulted in a great outcome! My thanks also to the band of volunteers that recovered the sailing marks and provided the necessary maintenance and then went out again this week to recover Helga’s mast!  Q and R Jetty repairs are finally on the way and some urgent assistance given to HYC by Palmer Shaw was greatly appreciated.

The Hillarys Fuel Facility was handed back on the 1st September 2020 and is now being operated by Melgrave Creations. The have asked that the following message is passed on to all HYC Members:

“As of Friday the 11th of September 2020 there will be a reduction on the fuel of approximately 8-10c per litre. To help and support with the recovery of the Covid-19 pandemic. I would also like to note that over the next few months we will be working hard to keep prices as low as possible. All HYC members and the public should be aware that 5.9c Department of Transport wharfage fee applies to every litre that is dispensed from the fuel jetty in the harbour.” Mel McGrath – Hillarys Fuel Supply.

We are heading for warmer weather in the coming weeks so it is a good time to make sure that your vessel is in top condition and all of your safety equipment are in date and in good working order. Contact our Marina Lifting Service for a pre-summer vessel safety inspection.

Stay safe on and off the water!

Fred Gere, Commodore HYC