Today marks the end of my 8 month journey wearing several hats at HYC and I am sincerely thankful for the support, encouragement and guidance provided by members and staff along the way. Thank You!

I would also like to welcome our new General Manager, Brad Dawson who took over the role on Monday and I look forward to working together to achieve some significant growth and best practice changes at HYC. Brad is contactable via email or mobile number 0492888783.

We also welcome our new Marketing Coordinator Aiman Ridzuan we look forward to working with her in implementing our future marketing strategies. We wish Andrea Chimilar all the best in her endeavours of pursuing her dream of starting up her own marketing company!

The changes to the Constitution that were passed at the AGM came into effect last week following approval by the Department of Commerce and as such the minutes of the AGM are now ready for distribution. Please contact the office if you would like a copy of the minutes sent to you via email and we anticipate the new Constitution will be on our website in the very near future.

Early is 2021 we will be undertaking a review of our Strategic Plan and the commencement of an Annual Business Plan that will take effect from our new financial year. This is an important part of our rebuilding process and if you are invited to attend I ask that you make the time available as your input is vital to our future roadmap.

There have been a number of members inquiring about the fuel facility and members are reminded that HYC handed back the facilities on the 1st of September 2020 and as such are no longer responsible for the facility. Any inquiries should be directed to Mel McGrath on 0400157153.

The Marina Facilities By-Laws have been updated to reflect the continual increase of seabed lease by DOT. All future rent-free periods will be reduced to 2 nights. I again plead with all pen occupants, to please keep the jetty and fingers clear of any obstacles as they do impede on the safe passage of other members and guests.

There are a number of events coming up which can only occur if members and their guests support them. These include:

  • Octoberfest Saturday 31 October 2020 1-6pm
  • Melbourne Cup Luncheon Tuesday 3 November 2020 11-4 pm
  • Cluedunnit Saturday 21 November 2020 6.30-10.30 pm
  • The Commodores Cocktail Party Saturday 28 November 2020 6.30-10.30 pm
  • HYC Section & Members Xmas Extravaganza Friday 11 December 2020 6-10 pm
  • HYC Children’s Xmas Party Sunday 13 December 2020 12-3 pm

The sullage pump is currently out of commission and we are undertaking the repairs and or replacement of the pump and motor. Due to the impact of the usual restrictions, there will be a delay in the parts coming from the Eastern States. We will advise members as soon as the facility is re-commissioned.

The annual HYC Marina Clean-Up co-ordinated by the Dive Section is expected to take place early next year and we would like to see a whole of club approach on this day as many hands make light work. If you or your Section would like to help then please contact Rear Commodore James Leesue.

Our Upstairs Bar is now opening on Fridays between 4 pm -9 pm (subject to availability/function bookings) and you are all welcome to enjoy a drink with limited snack food available. Regretfully due to the condition of the upstairs kitchen, we do not have the ability to provide meals on a more permanent basis. This is due to water leaking from the kitchen floor into the downstairs bar and lift area and the need to replace antiquated and worn out kitchen equipment.

53 new members were inducted last week and ratified at the last Management Committee. We welcome you all to your Hillarys Yacht Club and look forward to seeing you down at the Club

Stay Safe on and off the water!

Fred Gere