The Hillarys Yacht Club will commence several mentoring programmes in 2021, focusing on youth, new members, and new skippers. 
Due to the significant increase in new boat owners over the last six months, the first mentoring programme will be the “Skipper Mentoring Programme”, covering both keel and powerboats.
We seek assistance from experienced sailors and skippers prepared to go out on boats and or give aid to skippers who would like to increase their skills and confidence on and off the water.
This does not replace any of the training courses provided by relevant authorities but rather a unique way that a shared learning experience can be undertaken within the club environment.
If you want to be involved in your Club, this is an excellent opportunity to contribute to the esprit de corps of the Hillarys Yacht Club by sharing your knowledge and skills with new skippers or sailors who are just starting.
Rules of sailing, boat handling, sail trimming, motor maintenance and challenging seas are just some of the subject matter that could greatly assist new owners and provide them with a “go-to person” with the right skill sets.
We are interested in providing mentors for both Keel and Power, which will be provided through break out sessions following presentations that cover both streams.
It is anticipated that this event will take place on Thursday, 15 April 2021, from 7.15 pm -8.45 pm. Your assistance and attendance will make this a fantastic opportunity to contribute and learn from each other.
Please register your interest as either a Mentor or Mentee by forwarding an email to Chris Kelly at