The Department of Transport (DoT) wants those heading out on the water to be prepared and is advocating skippers and passengers take the 30 Second Challenge which tests readiness for emergency response on board a vessel.

This initiative, which tests if people can gather flares, EPIRB, make a radio call and put on a lifejacket in 30 seconds, responds to boating incidents data which showed that better maintenance of safety gear and improved accessibility could have limited the number of boating tragedies.

Marine Safety Education Officers will be delivering the 30 Second Challenge at our Opening Day on Saturday 09th October from 10 am – 3 pm, and there is an incentive for boaters to take part. The boater who can successfully complete the challenge the fastest will be given a marine safety pack. The pack will include:

  • Marine Safety bailer.
  • Offshore flare kit.
  • Inflatable Level 150 automatic lifejacket.

Education Officers will also be conducting safety equipment checks and give Skippers as well as all crew the opportunity to take the 30-second challenge.