Boat Mooring

Mooring Hillarys Yacht Club

Mooring Pens

Hillarys Yacht Club has superb facilities for boating enthusiasts with 107 floating pens and 163 fixed pens ranging from 8 metres to 20 metres. Pen options include annual club rentals and long term leases with subleases.

Please contact the Moorings & Membership Officer for any pen availabilities.

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Services & Facilities

The following services and facilities are available for the use of Club members.

IceComplimentary bags of ice are available and can be accessed from the ice freezer located in the eastern car park.
WheelbarrowsWheelbarrows are located on the jetty for the use by members loading gear.
Jetty AccessYour Club membership card gives you access to HYC jetties. This service is available only to pen occupiers.
FuelAvailable from Hillarys Yacht Club Fuel located in the north west corner of Hillarys Marina.
Marine Lifting ServicesHillarys Yacht Club Marine Lifting Service is located next door to the Club and provides a lifting service, mechanical and maintenance service and equipment.
Rubbish BinsRubbish bins are distributed throughout the grounds. Batteries are to be taken off Club grounds and there is a facility at Hillarys Boat Lifters for the disposing of oil.
Water/PowerWater and power is accessible from all pens. Members must supply their own hoses and tap fittings and correct electrical cords.
Shower/ToiletsYour membership card will give you access to the Club’s hot showers and toilets 24 hours a day.
Living on boardShould a member wish to live on board a vessel, a written request must be presented to the Management Committee for their approval. Live on board rates apply.
Pen Maintenance / FittingsPen maintenance and standard fittings are incorporated in fees for Club Rental Pens. Members should notify the office should fittings need replacing. Leased pens are charged an annual maintenance fee which excludes standard fittings.
Call SignsMembers should identify their vessel over the radio by its name and or vessel registration number.
Sail NumbersA sail number application form can be collected from the Club office.
Dive ShopA dive shop is located 50 metres from the Club. They provide a tank refill service, diving equipment and information.
Public Boat RampThe boat ramp is located approximately 150 metres east of the Club.

Parking at the Club

Secure Car ParkingYour membership card is your swipe card to gain access to the Club through the main entry gate and the pedestrian gate. Exit gates open automatically on exiting.
Member parkingMembers are reminded that their cars must display a HYC parking sticker, visible through the front windscreen to avoid a parking infringement.
Trailer parking not permitted without authorisationMembers are reminded they are not permitted to park their boat trailers in the car park without authorisation. If you wish to leave your trailer within Club grounds please contact the office and we can issue a temporary authorisation permit (NOT AVAILABLE DURING SUMMER, HOLIDAY PERIODS AND LONG WEEKENDS). Unauthorised trailers will have wheels chain locked.
Guest parking not permittedParking within Club grounds is a Members only facility. Guest parking is not permitted except when a guest is dining at the Club with a Club Member. Unauthorised parking by non members will attract a City of Joondalup parking infringement.

Fees & Charges

The following fees and charges are applicable for 1 May 2020 – 30 April 2021. All include GST.

 2020/21 Rental per annum
8 metre$4,268
10 metre$5,870
12 metre$7,685
15 metre$11,009
16 metre$11,954
20 metre$16,014
15 metre catamaran$14,011
Live on board rentCost available on application
Lease transfer administration fee$165
Lease transfer stamp duty1.9% of consideration sum
Private sublet administration fee$165
Overdue marina compliance charge$100 per month overdue
Casual pen fees$150 per week

Please be advised credit card payments will incur a surcharge of 0.72% for transactions over $909.50.


Hillarys Yacht Club prides itself on having a high standard of boat safety and adherence to safe operating practices and in this regard a marina compliance inspection of every vessel located within the Club is required within 30 days of occupying a pen. Re-certification is required every five years. Inspections are carried out by a Marina Facilities Section Committee member in the presence of the boat owner and cover aspects such as mooring lines, power supply, batteries, gas connections/detectors, fuel lines and safety equipment.

A marina compliance inspection and any necessary works required must be completed within 30 days of the boat occupying the pen. Overdue fees apply for late completion.

Prior to pen occupancy and a safety inspection, a boat particulars form, vessel registration (DoT), a copy of current insurance with at least $10M liability, 240V electrical compliance certification and LPG gas compliance certification documents must be lodged with the Club office. A Marina Facilities Section Committee member will arrange a mutually suitable time for an inspection once the above documents have been lodged with the Club office. On completion of a satisfactory inspection the vessel owner will be issued with a compliance sticker which is to be displayed in a prominent position on the vessel.

Visiting Vessels

Hillarys Yacht Club is renowned for its warm welcome to all visiting fleets and vessels from other aquatic clubs. Why don’t you see for yourself and sail to Hillarys for a weekend and enjoy the superb surroundings and relaxed atmosphere. Our pleasant staff and Club members assist to make every visitor feel at home.

Prior to arrival, contact should be made with Hillarys Yacht Club to confirm availability of vessel accommodation and it is requested that a membership card or letter of introduction from the aquatic club of which you are a member, be presented on arrival. Charges apply for vessels staying more than four nights and a deposit may be required for temporary swipe cards.