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HMLS Boat Storage Perth

Hillarys Marina Lifting Services provides fully secured, undercover boat storage in Perth’s northern suburbs. We have 90 custom built boat storage racks housing boats up to 27 feet long and your boat can go from rack to water in less than an hour using our specialised lifting equipment. From there, you’re straight out into Hillarys Boat Harbour and the open ocean is just a minute away.

Dry boat storage has many benefits:

  • Avoid the frustrating queues at public boat ramps!

No need to watch the car in front reverse and pull forward multiple times trying to get the angle right! Drive up to Hillarys Marina Yard and walk straight onto your boat waiting for you in the water. And, perhaps even better, you’ll avoid the only down side of a day on the water – going to fetch a trailer, towing it home and washing it down. We know all you want is a cold beer, so leave the boat with us, we’ll lift it, pressure wash it, and store it safely ready for your next outing. You go get your beer.

  • No trailer woes!

Additional trailer licensing and insurance, broken wheel bearings, tyre punctures, lost plugs… all things you don’t need to deal with when you store your boat with us! Plus, you don’t need the fuel-guzzling expensive-to-insure 4WD to tow it either!

  • Get your driveway back!

As well as the obvious space you’ll save, you’ll also avoid any potential conflicts with your local council and neighbours.

  • More security

Dry boat storage also means better security. Its near impossible to steal a boat sitting on a dry rack metres above the ground. Safety isn’t a concern when your boat is stored at Hillarys Marina Lifting Services. Our yard is fully secured and alarmed. So you can rest assured, your boat will be as safe as houses.

  • Its more flexible than you think

Going to Rotto for a weekend? A week? Taking off round Australia (or even further) for months? With our boat storage facility, there’s no need to worry about what happens to your trailer when you’re away. Give us a call before you leave home, and we’ll have your boat waiting for you in the water within the hour. Bring her back whenever you’re ready.

Short term and long term storage is available. Preference will be given to Hillarys Yacht Club Members and to long term storage arrangements.

Boat storage rates

All prices include 20 lifts per annum

 HYC Members    
Boats 25 – 27ft length:       
12 Months (includes 20 lifts)$4,917
6 Months (includes 10 lifts)$2,704.35
3 Months (includes 5 lifts)$1,966.8
1 Month$900
Boats 21 – 24ft length: 
12 Months (includes 20 lifts)$4,338
6 Months (includes 10 lifts)$2,385.9
3 Months (includes 5 lifts)$1,735.2
1 Month$900
Boats 20ft & under length: 
12 Months (includes 20 lifts)$3,760
6 Months (includes 10 lifts)$2,068
3 Months (includes 5 lifts)$1,504
1 Month$900

All prices include GST

Please Note:

  • It is preferred that HYC Membership is taken up prior to approving rack storage. Non Members are unable to use HYC pen facilities.
  • Insurance certificates must be provided to store the boat and all HYC by-laws apply.
  • Rack Storage Agreement and Terms & Conditions must be signed to secure boat storage.
    Rack Storage is invoiced annually on 1 April.

Rack Storage Terms & Conditions

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