Becoming a Pen Holder at HYC

Membership with HYC

Hillarys Yacht Club is delighted to welcome new members and pen holders to our community.

Before we can start the pen accommodation process, a membership application form must be submitted to become a full financial HYC member.

Please click here for more information regarding memberships with Hillarys Yacht Club or contact the Club on 08 9246 2833.

Check Availability

HYC has a limited number of available annual rental pens. Please contact our Membership & Moorings Officer for further information on moorings@hillarysyachtclub.com.au .

Our pen availability is constantly changing and we, therefore, have an active Waitlist for current members and an Enquiry List for non-members in place.

It is important to know the Overall Length of your vessel before we can determine a suitable size pen for you. Please notice that your Overall Length can differ from your Registered Length.

Pen Size Max. Vessel Length Overall
8m 8.3m
9m 8.3m
10m 10.3m
12m 12.3m
13.5m 13.8m
15m 15.3m
16m 16.3m
18m 18.3m
20m 20.3m
21m 21.3m
Lodgment of Documents

Hillarys Yacht Club prides itself on having a high standard of boat safety and adherence to safe operating practices. In this regard, a marina compliance inspection of every vessel located within the Club is required within 30 days of occupying a pen. Re-certification is required every five years. A Marina Facilities Section Committee member carries out inspections in the presence of the boat owner and cover aspects such as mooring lines, power supply, batteries, gas connections/detectors, fuel lines and safety equipment.

A marina compliance inspection and any necessary works required must be completed within 30 days of the boat occupying the pen. Overdue fees apply for late completion.

Before pen occupancy and a safety inspection, the following documents are required to be lodged:

  • Boat Particulars Form
  • Current Vessel Registration
  • Current Insurance with at least $10M public liability
  • Electrical compliance certification from a licensed electrician or the vessel’s manufacturer stating that the vessel meets Australian Standards AS 3000 & 3004
  • Gas compliance certification completed by a licensed installer following the Office of Energy gas regulations.

Gas and electrical compliance certificates are normally issued for life and would be attached to the vessel when constructed. Once sighted by the inspecting officer, it shall be deemed acceptable.  Should the original certificates not be attached to the vessel and not available in paper form, then new documentation will have to be obtained from the relevant trades.  However, such certification only needs to be based on the applicable standards when the vessel was manufactured.

A Marina Facilities Section Committee member will arrange a mutually suitable time for an inspection once the above documents have been lodged with the Club office. Upon completion of a satisfactory inspection, the vessel owner will be issued with a compliance sticker to be displayed in a prominent position on the vessel.

Once the requested documents have been supplied, an annual pen rental agreement will be prepared and sent out for signing.