Boat Facilities

Mooring Hillarys Yacht Club

Hillarys Yacht Club has superb facilities for boating enthusiasts with 107 floating pens and 163 fixed pens ranging from 8 metres to 20 metres. Pen options include annual club rentals and long term leases with subleases.

Annual Club Rental Pens

Offered for a maximum rental term of one year with an option of renewal. The applicable rate for a pen is comprised of annual pen rental and an annual pen service fee. Rental periods are from 1st May to 30th April.  Refunds are not available on pen rental.

Long-Term Lease Pens

The remainder of an existing long term lease may be purchased from a Club member. After completing the transfer of the lease, an annual pen service fee and one-off stamp duty and administration fee are also applicable.

Subleased Pems

A member's leased pen may be sublet to another member privately or through the Club once the Management Committee approves. Should the leaseholder wish for the Club to manage the sublease, 95% of rental monies shall be disbursed to the leaseholder and, 5% shall be disbursed to the Club. Annual Club Rental Pens cannot be sublet unless for a limited time and with the express permission of the Management Committee.  If the lessee wishes to manage the sublet privately, a sublet fee is applicable.

Boat Rack Storage Option

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Please get in touch with the Moorings & Membership Officer for any pen availabilities on moorings@hillarysyachtclub.com.au .