Service & Facilities

The following services and facilities are available for the use of Club members.


Bags or blocks of ice are available and can be purchased from the ice freezer located adjacent to the Reflections entrance on the western side of the Club house.


There are several barrows per jetty for the use by members for loading and unloading gear to and from vessels. It is requested that they are returned to the jetty gate after use.

Jetty Access

Pen holder’s membership cards allow access onto the jetties. All jetties have self-closing gates. A second Membership Access Card is only permitted to membership categories where the Constitution allows to include a spouse/partner and at a cost of $20.

Fuel Supply

Fuel is available from Hillarys Marina Fuel Jetty, located in the northwestern corner of Hillarys Marina.  Vessels must not be refuelled in the pen using containers. To be able to fuel your vessel, a mobile phone app is required provided by the fuel company. More information on how to download the app can be found on each jetty gate.

Public Boat Ramp

The boat ramp is located approximately 150 metres east of the Club. A parking fee is payable for cars with trailers. Parking within HYC is subject to the member obtaining a HYC trailer parking ticket from the office.

Boat Lifters

Hillarys Yacht Club Lifting Service provides a boat lifting service and is located at the eastern end of Club.  Mechanical and maintenance services and boating equipment is also available.

Rubbish Disposal

Rubbish bins are distributed throughout the grounds. Please ensure oils, other liquids and batteries are not placed in these bins.  A facility is provided at Hillarys Boat Lifters for the disposing of oil and batteries as these are not to be left within Club grounds.

Water / Power

Water and power is accessible from all pens. Members must supply their own hoses and tap fittings and correct electrical cords in accordance with the Marina Facilities Section Bylaws.

Showers / Toilets

Your membership card will give you access to the hot showers and toilets 24 hours a day.

Live On Board

HYC allows a limited number of members to live on board to protect the amenity, environment and improve the security of the Club precinct.  The limited number is as agreed to by the Management Committee and each application will be determined on a case-by-case basis.

Jetty Maintenance

Pen service fee and standard weight and chain fittings are incorporated in the Club rental pen fees instead of leased pens, the cost of which is at the lessee’s expense or for Sublet agreements at the sublessee’s expense.  Members should notify the office should any weights or chains need replacing. Leased pens are charged an annual pen service fee. It does not include costs to repair and maintain (whether a leased or rented pen) any timber decking fitted to the walkover, being the last half (approximately 50 per cent) of the finger jetty.  Repair and maintenance is the responsibility of the pen occupants, and any decking fitted must have approval in writing from the Marina Facilities Section Committee.

Sail Numbers

Sail numbers can be obtained from the Club office. There is no charge.

Dive Shop

Perth Dive Academy is located 50 metres to the East of the Club. They provide a tank refill service, diving equipment and information.

Dinghy Launch Ramp

The dinghy launch ramp is located near R-Jetty at the western end of the Club grounds to launch and retrieve dinghies by electrical winch. Only authorized users are permitted to operate the winch for dinghies up to 750 kilos. Small dinghies are permitted to be launched by hand. Vehicle access to the ramp is not permitted.

Trade Services

Please contact the Club office for details of mechanical and other trades offering services to Hillarys Yacht Club members.

Emergency Bilge Pump

A portable bilge pump is available for use by members.  It is located in the fish cleaning area under the yachting start tower.  Please ensure its return after use.