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October 31, 2021

North Coast Series Updated and Underway

Ideal conditions for sailing the first two races of the North Coast Series produced a few trick- n’-treats in the close racing between yachts from ORSSC and HYC. In a departure from the usual interclub competition, division one and two raced together resulting in sixteen boats on the start-line with division three starting five minutes later. Mindful of the long season ahead, everyone was very polite and no damage was done.
Only a month into the new season and there are early indicators that three HYC boats to watch in division one are Whispering Jack (Bruce Bradford), fastest in both races, Sophia (Bruce Utting) and Bad Habits (Ian Holder) each with a first and second. It was close with the first three placegetters finishing within a minute.
It was a steep learning curve on the short windward-leeward course for Adams Rib (Rob Giraudo and Bob Mason) and Circa (Martin Eyer), both new to HYC this season and racing in their first NCS. They will be better for the day’s outing.
Perle couldn’t take a trick or a treat in the second lap of the second race when the halyard swivel for the headsail ruptured sending the sail to the deck. It provided an opportunity to take photos as the others went past.

In division two it was Volant (Emille Janssen, John Ball, Frank Hagemann, Kevin Meta), Show Me (Tim Tucker) and Blue Chip (Keith and Deborah Fisk), first, second and third in both races with fastest times shared by Volant and Farrouk (Des and Gail Riley). Panache (Geoff James) making a welcome return to racing and Quicksilver (Terry O’Grady) flew the flag for ORSSC.

Intuition (Marc Carpenter) and Hard Evidence (Peter Hibberd) went one, two also in both races with the only variation Real Thing (Darren Marshall) third in the first race and Deckchairs Overboard (Neil and Wendy Harrison) third in the second race. Hard Evidence was fastest in both races.

The longer races to and from Fremantle next weekend beckon.

John Bird

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