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September 22, 2020

Keel Awards Night

At the annual Presentation Dinner held for the keelboats of Hillarys Yacht Club on Saturday September 19th the trophies were shared by the owners across the three divisions. Postponed for six months due to the covid virus restrictions, the event was well attended despite the time lag and previous distribution of results.

In division three, skipper of Show Me, Tim Tucker was unable to attend and collect the many trophies he won due to being in quarantine as a Qantas pilot. Winning most of the ocean race trophies and overall consistency Tucker was also awarded Most Improved and now intends to race in division two.

Blue Chip, owned by Keith and Deborah Fisk dominated the ocean races in division two winning the Ocean Series, Overall Consistency for the division and the Viking Championship. Sharing some of the honours were Covert Operation (Bart Brouwer and Graham Atkinson) and Volant (Emille Janssen, Kevin Meta, John Ball and Frank Hagemann).

Seven yachts in division one took home at least one trophy, the most frequent visitor to the podium being Wayne Pitcher for his dominance in the ocean races sailing Lithium, a well-credentialled J122 racer. In winning the Ocean Series Pitcher also picked up the coveted IRC trophy. Ian Walker on Sally Malay was also a multiple winner and was particularly pleased to win the Summer Consistency trophy.

A winner of only one other trophy, the Mini Series, Perle won the Overall Consistency trophy for division one and was Club Champion for the season.

Elissa Graham was named Best Crew Person for her contribution to two yachts in division two, HYC Training and Xtreme where she focussed on training women new to sailing.

It was a great night for 140 attendees and our appreciation goes to Kylee, Pablo, Marshall, Sue O, Clem, Greg, Bart, Chris K, Mark T, John & Sue B, the staff and the band “Little Sister”.

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