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October 27, 2020

Consistency Race 1 Keelboats

After a successful Discover Sailing Day at Hillarys Yacht Club last weekend an influx of guests were accommodated on yachts for the first consistency race of the new season. They quickly discovered the difference between a leisurely twenty minute sail and two hours of eking out every extra knot of boat speed in a race.
In division one Mulberry (Mark Pitt) had a flawless run and was first ahead of fastest on the day Surfer Rosa (Roric Smith) and Bad Habits (Ian Holder). New to the club, Sophia with her sleek red hull performed creditably for experienced yachtsman Bruce Utting.
In division one the number of boats with an IRC rating has swelled to six with Deckchairs Overboard (Neil and Wendy Harrison) first followed by Perle and Mulberry.
Covert Operation (Bart Brouwer and Graham Atkinson) was first and fastest in division two with Blue Chip (Keith and Deborah Fisk) second and Volant (Emille Janssen, John Ball, Frank Hagemann, Kevin Meta) third.
Stelfred (Larraine Brindle) made good use of the guest on board and won in division three ahead of Tosca (Stuart Marks and Leigh Collins) and fastest on the day Salamander (John Swift). New owner of Hard Evidence Peter Hibbard participated in his first race lining up in division three.
John Bird

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