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March 7, 2021

Man Overboard-Consistency Race 7

Gary and Julie Beeck’s La Premiere has thrown down the gauntlet to the elite division one yachts of Hillarys Yacht Club with another emphatic first and fastest win in the Man Overboard race on March 7. Incorporated into the race to simulate a person going overboard accidentally a bucket attached to a fender is thrown over twice to be retrieved before continuing. The level of difficulty increases for those using a spinnaker, as it must be flying at the time of dispatching the bucket. Throw the bucket, pole down, drop kite, go about, head to the bucket, pick-up, pole up, kite up, sail on, sounds straight forward but good team work is essential as it would be in a real emergency. The minor places in division one were filled with Deckchairs Overboard (Neil and Wendy Harrison) and Sophia (Bruce Utting). The fluky light easterly played havoc with the division two fleet as skippers searched for more breeze however the masterly sailors on Covert Operation (Graham Atkinson and Bart Brouwer) eked out a fastest time by seven minutes and a second placing behind Farrouk (Lee Burrows and Rod Hernaman) with Tim Tucker on Show Me third. Following the division one course briefly didn’t prevent Peter Hibberd on Hard Evidence from claiming victory in division three ahead of Tosca (Stuart Marks and Leigh Collins) and Salamander (John Swift). Blue Chip (Keith and Deborah Fisk) was first in the Viking Cup component. John Bird

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