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March 26, 2021

Women’s State Keelboat Championships

On Saturday March 20 the women from HYC competed in the Women’s State Keelboat Championships held on the Swan River and hosted by RFBYC. There were light winds and the three teams from RFBYC benefited as this was their home ground. Seven races were held in the morning with each race commencing as soon as the last boat finished the previous race, which was never HYC! There was some close rule infringements (none by HYC) and three on-water umpires were kept busy calling for 720’s if the team did not volunteer a 360.
Congratulations to all the women on the team, coach Ian Conboy and the supporters in RIBs and boats.

Deborah Fisk, Team Manager, Bow

What an amazing event – there’s no doubt the Women’s State Keelboat Championship (WSKC) event encapsulates the spirit and passion of Women in Sail in WA!
It brings together a community of talented Women sailors, in a competitive and engaging playground, where each team has an opportunity to proudly represent their Clubs!
Our 2021 HYC WSKC Team are very proud to have achieved the best result to date, with a 5th place out of 8 very competitive teams, including world sailors!
We whipped it! Our HYC Team put our best foot forward!
This would not have been possible without the assistance of HYC, Keelboat Division, Donors, Support crew, Partners and the dedication of our Coach, Ian Conboy. We thank you all!
We look forward to next year’s event, and encourage any women interested to diarise 19 March 2022!
I share with you the teams experience in their words….
Ian Conboy, Coach
‘Being again asked to coach the HYC ladies team this year and now for a 6th year running, was again my privilege. By enlarge, I am the winner here, the whole process of coaching forces me to look differently and analyze every manoeuvre that we do. All the while learning and being kept on my toes from these questioning ladies.’
Laura Wheeler, Skipper
I thoroughly enjoyed the opportunity to compete with the best of the best in Women’s Keelboat sailing. The competition was fierce and our team “took it to them” with heart and self-conviction following a number of intense training sessions. My fondest memory will be of the bonding and team spirit. Go the Orange Hats and thanks to Deborah and Ian in particular for their energy and drive to get us to where we were, 5/8.

Gail Riley, Pit
Great bunch of ladies & supporters & fantastic challenge; I was so privileged to be part of it again.
Sue Osborne, Main
HYC has a strong group of women who love to be on the water, work as a team and viewed challenges as opportunities to improve ……..we wanted to be good, we worked to become better and on race day we achieved our best.
Thank you to Coach Ian, Deb Fisk and all of the support team from Keel section, we wouldn’t be able to do it without you!
Ilona Malinowska, Trimmer
“WSKC what an amazing experience. Support and coaching we get is heart-warming. I am so grateful and highly recommend any HYC female to join the fun.”
Sonia Johnson, Mast
WSKC – A Race that provides opportunity for women to compete together on the waters. Should encourage all clubs to have participation. Next year 30yrs competition. Encourage all to have a go!
Lana Calkins, Trimmer
A wonderful event to be part of a team of awesome women sailors. I have learnt so much in the past two weeks by some incredibly talented and encouraging ladies. Thank you for the opportunity, it’s been an absolutely brilliant couple of weeks.
Kerry Martins, Trimmer
I’m hooked!! I am so grateful to have been part of the team this year. Having mostly been a catamaran sailor (with no spinnaker pole) until the end of last year, I have learned so much in the last 5 weeks. The support, patience, encouragement and friendship of the team has been inspirational.

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