Keelboat Racing

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30 yachts make up the Keelboat Racing Division and on average, about 15 yachts compete in any one race. Races are held every Sunday all throughout the year except June until October when races are held on every second Sunday.

With skippers and crew combined, approximately 60 people sail on race days. The fleet is divided into two divisions – those yachts less than 30 feet in length and those 30 feet or longer. Races are initially handicapped according to water line length and performance. The division has its own race officers who start races and take finish times. Several of our skippers also compete regularly in Yachting Western Australia offshore races off the metropolitan coast and blue water races to Geraldton, Carnarvon and Bunbury.

The division holds several longer races such as the Mindarie and Return, Fairway Race, Commodore’s Cup, Australia Day Race, Mariners and Shepherdess Cups and Marmion Reef Race. HYC also hosts the interclub regatta, the Pot of Gold.

Racing Results

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Rear Commodore Sailing: Marshall Fox | 0425 100 056
Keelboat Racing Captain: Leigh Collins | Tel: 0417 974 642 


Keelboat Sailing Handbook 2021-22 incl. Amendments 2021-22/01 and 2021-22/02

Change to the Sailing Instructions 2021-22 / 01

Change to the Sailing Instructions 2021-22 / 02

Learn To Sail

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Upcoming Keel Events

North Coast Series 2021/22
  • Race day 1: 10 am - Sunday 31st October 2021 HYC
  • Race day 2: 10 am – Sunday 12 December 2021 ORSSC
  • Race day 3: 10 am – Sunday 23rd January 2022 HYC
  • Race day 4: 10 am - Sunday 27th February 2022 ORSSC
  • Race day 5: 10 am – Sunday 20th March 2022 HYC

More details and registration

Pot of Gold and Dash for Cash 2022

January 29, 2022 - January 30, 2022

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Cruising in Company

For a more relaxed sailing experience, consider our Cruising in Company section. The Cruising Division is an extremely sociable, active and colourful bunch and, in addition to sailing together, they hold numerous land based activities such as progressive dinners between their yachts, annual Christmas and New Year’s Eve parties and dinghy trips up the Swan River.

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