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Post Date: October 10, 2020

Full Outboard Cover – Honda BF2.3 15”

  • Brand new & unused.
  • 340 gsm polyester canvas with an advanced coating technology assures maximum water resistance, UV protection & breath-ability.
  • Elasticized hem & buckle fastening to ensure a smooth snug fit.
  • Designed and tailored to fit.
    Material Premium Woven Dope Dyed Polyester
    Fabric Features Protective Soft Felt Inner Lining
    Durability Excellent
    Strength Excellent
    Water repellent Excellent (advanced coating technology)
    Fabric Breath-ability Excellent
    UV resistance Excellent
    Mildew & Stain resistance
Seller Name: James Murphy
Seller Contact: 0404 068 343
Price – $50