Member Loyalty Rewards

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Member Loyalty Rewards

It’s always been true that the more a member attends Hillarys Yacht Club, the more they benefit. Well now it’s even better with our Member Loyalty Reward scheme. Get rewarded with free beverage vouchers just for dining or having a few drinks at HYC!

Simply use your Membership Card while enjoying any drinks or meals at HYC and build drinks vouchers to spend in the next quarter! Rewards begin when you spend more than your food and beverage levy in each quarterly period of the Club’s year, and increase with the amount you spend when you attend the club:

Level 1: Receive beverage voucher to the value of $5
Level 2: Receive beverage vouchers to the value of $15
Level 3: Receive beverage vouchers to the value of $30
Level 4: Receive beverage vouchers to the value of  $45 You MUST have your Membership Card to register rewards!

Vouchers can be redeemed immediately and are valid until the end of the following quarter in which they were earned!

Terms & Conditions

Members’ must use their membership card. No card – no rewards registered!

•   As long as a member uses their membership card at any time in the purchase, before finalisation regardless of how they pay (account charge, cash, credit card or eftpos) the purchase will register toward their loyalty.

•   Vouchers are rewarded once each level of loyalty is reached. If a member reaches Level 4 they will be rewarded with 4 vouchers.

•   Vouchers can only be redeemed for beverages.

•   Members can use single or multiple vouchers in a purchase, however vouchers are not redeemable for cash nor remaining balances carried over.

•   Information relating to your voucher rewards is only available at the bar or restaurant tills.

•   Vouchers not redeemed in the relevant period will be forfeited.