School Programs

Hillarys Yacht Club offers a range of programs for schools, both theory and practical. Our aim is to give your students a fun experience while maintaining the highest safety standards and instilling a sense of responsibility while on and around water. We can fully tailor our programs to your needs, timetables, age and number of students. Our flexible instructors are fully qualified with Australian Sailing, hold a ‘Working with Children’ card and have a current Senior First Aid certificate.

Below is a brief overview of the activities we can deliver for your school, whether you have a specific PE, Outdoor Education or Nautical program to work within, or just want to teach your students some different skills relevant to our Perth lifestyle.

Recreational Skippers Ticket

Hillarys Yacht Club Youth Rst Training Course

Students over the age of 14 can hold a Recreational Skippers Ticket. The RST will ensure that the people in charge of recreational vessels have the minimum skills and knowledge to protect themselves, their passengers, and to share the waterways safely with others. Up until the age of 17, RST holders are limited to skippering a boat only in daylight hours and only up to a speed of 8 knots. Once they turn 17, their RST automatically becomes an open ticket and the age restrictions are lifted. This is therefore a course than can benefit students for many years to come as there is no need to requalify at the age of 17.

The RST course can be tailored to your requirements, approximately 8-15 hours in total, of theory and practical, dependant on student numbers. We understand that keeping costs down can be a priority for some schools so we can even arrange for our Instructors to deliver the theory component at your school. The practical component will be based in the waters around Hillarys Yacht Club.

Time slots for school RST courses fill up well in advance, so we encourage you to submit your enquiry using the form below so we can start tailoring your program for you soon!

Learn To Sail Courses

Hillarys Yacht Club Start Sailing Training Course

Based on our Start Sailing course, our sailing courses can be tailored to your time frame and number of students. For the best experience, you will need sessions of 1 hour minimum (preferably 2 hours) to gain enough water time to progress. As part of the course, we may include any of these components: Rope Work, Rigging; Sailing Techniques & Manoeuvres; Rescue & Capsize Recovery; Launching & Recovery; Meteorology, Winds, Tides & Currents. We'll get on the water as much as possible, but this is weather dependent and the safety of your students comes first.

Students should bring with them: Bathers, T-shirt, Boardies, Jumper, Hat, Sunscreen, Water Bottle, Change of Clothes and a Towel.

Sailing Adventure Day

Experience four hours or more sailing on the ocean around Hillarys Yacht Club. A great way to end a sailing course or just give students an experience to remember. Why not organise something different for your recreation programs? Contact us today to discuss options for your group.

School Fishing Clinics

Fishing is an extremely popular activity in and around Perth with many families able to enjoy angling from their boat or their nearest beach. Our Fishing Clinics teach fundamental skills like how to rig a rod, how to properly and safely cast and what to do when you get a bite! Weather permitting, we can take your group out on our Club boat for some ocean fishing or we may stay closer to shore and fish from the beach opposite the Club.

Navigation Course

For schools with nautical programs, these theory courses can be delivered at Hillarys Yacht Club or on your campus, tailored to your timeframe and student numbers. With a focus on local waters, this two-hour course teaches students how to read charts, navigate and understand various markers, local water traffic, marine park sanctuary zones and how to safety manoever around the waters.

Radio Course

These courses teach you how to confidently and competently operate and use correct radio protocols and procedures when using a marine radio. To make you familiar with all situations you may encounter on the radio and make sure you are aware of radio rules and etiquette. The course content includes making calls, receiving calls, relaying calls, various call signs & distress messages. The course is available for long- and short-range radio operations and result in an Operators Certificate of Proficiency upon completion.

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