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30 yachts make up the Keelboat Racing Division and on average, about 15 yachts compete in any one race. Races are held every Sunday all throughout the year except June until October when races are held on every second Sunday.

With skippers and crew combined, approximately 60 people sail on race days. The fleet is divided into three divisions - those yachts less than 30 feet in length and those 30 feet or longer. Races are initially handicapped according to water line length and performance. The division has its own race officers who start races and take finish times. Several of our skippers also compete regularly in Yachting Western Australia offshore races off the metropolitan coast and blue water races to Geraldton, Carnarvon and Bunbury.

The division holds several longer races such as the Mindarie and Return, Fairway Race, Commodore's Cup, Australia Day Race, Mariners and Shepherdess Cups and Marmion Reef Race. HYC also hosts the interclub regatta, the Pot of Gold. 

Cruising in Company

For a more relaxed sailing experience, consider our Cruising in Company section. The Cruising Division is an extremely sociable, active and colourful bunch and, in addition to sailing together, they hold numerous land based activities such as progressive dinners between their yachts, annual Christmas and New Year's Eve parties and dinghy trips up the Swan River.

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Upcoming Events

  • 2019 Winter Series Races

Race Dates: Sunday 16 June; Sunday 30 June; Sunday 14 July; Sunday 28 July; Sunday 4 August; Sunday 18 August (includes presentations).
Resail date: Sunday 25 August


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  • Keelboats Summer Series Race 1 Consistency 1 - Final results - 13/10/2019 

Div1:  1. Hard Evidence (D & Gail Riley & Marshall Fox);  2. First Impression (R Marian & Allen Sharman);  3. and Fastest Whispering Jack (C Bradford). Div2:  1. Volant (E Janssen J Ball F Hagemann K Meta);  2. and Fastest Covert Operation (G Atkinson & Bart Brouwer);  3. Farrouk (L Burrows and Rod Hernaman). Div3:  1. and Fastest Sensei (B & Lynda Bailey);  2. Stelfred (L Brindle); IRC:  1. and Fastest Perle (J Bird);  2. Mulberry (M Pitt);

  • Commodores Cup, Sunday 06/010/2019

Div1:  1. Dart Vader (S Eiszle & Neil Ireland);  2. Perle (J Bird);  3. and Fastest Lithium (W Pitcher). Div2:  1. and Fastest Covert Operation (G Atkinson & Bart Brouwer);  2. HYC Training (C Kelly);  3. Panache (G & Rita James). Div3:  1. and Fastest Jack Tar (B Gilbert);  2. Comfortably Numb (S OKeefe);  3. Catabatic (R Bills).

  • Barts Bash - 15th September 2019

1st and Fastest. Whispering Jack (C. Bradford); 2nd. Hard Evidence (Des & G Riley); 3rd. Perle (John Bird)

  • Winter Series Race Day 4, Sunday 28 June 2019.

Div1:  1. and Fastest Lithium (W Pitcher);  2. Mulberry (M Pitt);  3. Jack Tar (B Gilbert). Div2:  1. and Fastest Covert Operation (G Atkinson & Bart Brouwer);  2. Volant (E Janssen K Scheckel F Hagemann K Meta);  3. Feelin Free (A Peacham). Div3:  1. Rushmere (L Harvey);  2. and Fastest Catabatic (R Bills);  3. Intuition (M & Jan Carpenter).

  • Winter Race 2: 30 June 2019

.. Div1:  1. and Fastest Lithium (W Pitcher);  2. Whispering Jack (C Bradford);  3. Deckchairs Overboard (N & Wendy Harrison). Div2:  1. and Fastest Not Negotiable (G Hill);  2. HYC Training (C Kelly);  3. Helga (M Taylor). Div3:  1. and Fastest Rushmere (L Harvey);  2. Show Me (T & Katie Tucker)

  • 25 May 2019: Keelboat Section Annual Presentation Dinner

The highlight of Saturday's Keelboat presentation dinner was undoubtedly the achievement of nineteen year old Chelsea Bradford who skippered Whispering Jack in division one to win overall consistency in that division and was crowned Club Champion for 2018/19, making her the Club's youngest ever and only female skipper to claim the title. Read the full story here.

  • North Coast Series: Round 5, Sunday 7 April

Race 1; NCSdiv1:  1. and Fastest Whispering Jack (C Bradford);  2. Hot Gossip (I Campbell);  3. Whim A Way (M Caulfield). NCSdiv2:  1. and Fastest Catabatic (R Bills);  2. Petite Bateau (D Woodhouse);  3. Feelin Free (A Peacham).

Race 2; NCSdiv1:  1. Perle (J Bird);  2. Hot Gossip (I Campbell);  3. Whim A Way (M Caulfield); Fastest Whispering Jack (C Bradford). NCSdiv2:  1. Feelin Free (A Peacham);  2. Petite Bateau (D Woodhouse);  3. Catabatic (R Bills); Fastest Xtreme (D Riley).

Race 3; NCSdiv1:  1. and Fastest Whispering Jack (C Bradford);  2. Whim A Way (M Caulfield);  3. Leda (F Centa). NCSdiv2:  1. Petite Bateau (D Woodhouse);  2. Catabatic (R Bills);  3. Feelin Free (A Peacham); Fastest Xtreme (D Riley).

  • MOB Race; Consistency Series Race #7; Cruiser Cup Race #5; Viking Cup Race #4

Div1:  1. and Fastest Whispering Jack (Chelsea Bradford);  2. Perle (J Bird);  3. Mulberry (M Pitt). Div2:  1. Xtreme (D Riley);  2. HYC Training (C Kelly);  3. Tropical Itch (T Brooke); Fastest Covert Operation (G Atkinson & Bart Brouwer). IRC:  1. Perle (J Bird);  2. and Fastest Mulberry (M Pitt); Div3:  1. Anastasia (L Brindle);  2. and Fastest Deckchairs Overboard (N & Wendy Harrison);  3. Show Me (T & Katie Tucker). Viking:  1. and Fastest Tropical Itch (T Brooke);  2. Helga (M Taylor);  3. Blue Chip (K and Deborah Fisk).



Rear Commodore Sailing: Mark Taylor | Tel: 0409 522 886 | This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.
Keelboat Racing Captain: Marshall Fox| Tel: 0425 100 056 | This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.



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