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Hillarys-Yacht-Club VHF-Course

Marine radios are essential and important safety equipment on board your vessel and is a way to communicate with other boats or marine rescue groups, and receive navigational warnings and weather updates.

These courses teach you how to confidently and competently operate and use correct radio protocols and procedures when using a marine radio. To make you familiar with all situations you may encounter on the radio and make sure you are aware of radio rules and etiquette. The course content includes making calls, receiving calls, relaying calls, various call signs & distress messages.

Skippers and crew should know -

> How to operate all marine radios on board your boat

> The distress and safety frequencies

> How to properly format and transmit distress and safety messages.

The Long Range Operators Certificate of Proficiency (LROCP) which is for operating both (VHF - Very High Frequency) short range radios and (HF - High Frequency) long range radios which are designed for long range transmission.

Cost: $260 Members, $290 Non Members

Next Course

The dates below are for both Short Range and Long Range courses.

Mon 16 & Wed 18 December 2019 7pm to 9:30pm both evenings
Mon 20 & Wed 22 January 2020 7pm to 9:30pm both evenings
Mon 17 & Wed 19 February 2020 7pm to 9:30pm both evenings
Mon 16 & Wed 18 March 2020 7pm to 9:30pm both evenings


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