Marina Lifting Services

Regular maintenance of your vessel is essential. It not only helps keep you safe at sea, it also protects your investment. The highly experienced, qualified team at Hillarys Marina Lifting can take care of just about every aspect of regular boat maintenance and boat repairs for anyone in the Perth area. 


We use a combination of copper-based antifouling (for fibreglass & steel) and aluminium based products for legs and outboards. Regular antifouling means improved fuel efficiency and longevity of the hull. Consistency with your antifoul schedule will save you time and money in the long run and improve the performance and usability of your boat. 

But how much difference can it really make?
We asked David, owner and skipper of 28ft, single engine ‘Ursula May’ which had sat idle in the water for over 8 weeks. At its normal performance, Ursula May easily reached speeds of 25-30 knots, using around 40 litres of fuel an hour. After just 8 weeks, the growth on the bottom of the boat made such a difference that David said “If I hadn’t seen it, I’d never have believed it. The boat had real difficulty getting on the plane, I could only reach about 20 knots and it guzzled 76 litres an hour”! Ursula May has now had a full antifoul treatment and is safely stored on a dry rack for winter.

Boat Polishing

Polish web

If you don’t maintain the polish on your boat, stains can get into the porous gel coat and stain your boat permanently. Regular boat polishing is one of the best prevention tools to keep your investment looking new. It adds a layer of UV protection – essential for WA’s harsh summer sun – and prolongs the life of your boat.

Minor & Major Boat Repairs, Modifications & Upgrades

boat damage repair perth

Our experienced shipwrights carry out timber, fibreglass & aluminium boat repair works from small scrapes and dents to major “oh I didn’t see the reef” mishaps. We do all our stainless steel and engineering work to order, to ensure you get the best possible result and we’re experts at colour matching to ensure the new job looks like the original.

Our service includes:

  • Scrapes/dents/major damage repairs
  • All stainless steel, timber, fibreglass & aluminium work
  • Boat Trimming/upholstery – everything from minor tears to a complete new fit out
  • Underwater engineering
  • Boat modifications such as rope cutters and barbeque bars

Insurance Inspections / Pre-Sale Checks

Buying a boat in Perth? It’s advisable to get a thorough check completed before you buy it and to ensure compliance with boat insurance policies. Hillarys Marina Lifting can guide you through this process and arrange independent insurance contractors for you. As part of the inspection, the boat will be lifted and pressure cleaned so that a qualified surveyor can inspect the exterior of the hull, checking the anodes for osmosis/electrolysis. It is then returned to the water for a detailed interior inspection of ball valves, intake equipment and safety equipment. Yachts will also have a rigging inspection. Pre-sale inspections can also include mechanical and electrical inspections if required. Use your own chosen inspectors or allow us to arrange this for you.

Wide Network of Contractors

Talk to us about your project and we can put you in touch with the best local marine trades. We can coordinate the work for you so you can simply leave your boat in our fully secured yard and pick it up when it’s ready to go.

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To book a service on your boat, please complete the Services Authorisation form and email to hmls@hillarysyachtclub.com.au

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