SailPass is an Australian Sailing initiative to encourage new people to give sailing, paddle and fishing a try and allows them to get the feel for Hillarys Yacht Club before doing a course or committing to annual Club membership.

SailPass is a flexible, temporary membership that allows people to discover sailing in a fun, safe and affordable way.

It is also a fantastic way to have a great day out and learn new skills. It’s aimed at individuals, friends, families or work colleagues. And it’s a great way to enjoy the on-water lifestyle in some amazing locations – and all at a sailing club near them.

There is no need to own a boat or even know how to sail, paddle or fish, as experienced members will take people aboard their boats to try their hand at setting the sails, taking the helm, paddling a kayak, casting a rod or simply coming along for the ride.

SailPass Activities

Cruising in Company’s Casual Sail
The Casual Sail is just that, a casual sail offered on a monthly basis by the Cruising in Company Division with boats provided by Division Club members. Bookings are essential for Casual Sail so once you have registered for SailPass on a Casual Sail date listed below, use your Australian Sailing (AS) number to register for the Cruising in Company Casual Sail by clicking on the relevant “Book Here” link. A confirmation email will then be sent to you with information on what to bring and where to meet (if you don’t receive an email, please check your junk folder for an email from development@hillarysyachtclub.com.au).

Keelboat Summer Series
Experience the excitement of keelboat racing by registering for SailPass on a Keelboat date listed below. Please bring your SailPass ‘invoice’ showing your registered date/s and AS number to the Keelboat briefing held in Pinkies Wet Bar where you will be allocated a Club member’s boat to sail on. To find out where to park and what to bring on the day, please click here.

Stay upright on a SUP or kick back on a Kayak with the HYC Paddle Division members. Regular paddles take place every Saturday from 2 to 3pm, weather permitting. Please bring your SailPass ‘invoice’ showing your registered date/s and AS number with you to meet at The Paddle Shed for briefing at 1.45pm and launch from the ramp into paddling paradise. Please contact Paddle Captain Lynda Bailey on 0414 708 465 in advance to arrange a loan SUP or kayak for the day.

EventDateDayBriefingStartBooking Link
Cruising in Company
Casual Sail
02/07/22Saturday0900N/A Book Here
Saturday Paddle 09/07/22Saturday13451400
Saturday Paddle 16/07/22Saturday13451400
Saturday Paddle 23/07/22Saturday13451400
Saturday Paddle 30/07/22Saturday13451400
Cruising in Company
Casual Sail
06/08/22Saturday0900N/A Book Here
Saturday Paddle 06/08/22Saturday13451400
Saturday Paddle 20/08/22Saturday13451400
Saturday Paddle 27/08/22Saturday13451400
Cruising in Company
Casual Sail
03/09/22Saturday0900N/A Book Here
Saturday Paddle 03/09/22Saturday13451400
Saturday Paddle 10/09/22Saturday13451400
Saturday Paddle 24/09/22Saturday13451400
Cruising in Company
Casual Sail
01/10/22Saturday0900N/A Book Here
Saturday Paddle 15/10/22Saturday13451400
Keelboat Racing and Crewing16/10/22Sunday09001000Inquire Here
Saturday Paddle 29/10/22Saturday13451400
Keelboat Racing and Crewing30/10/22Sunday09001000Inquire Here
Cruising in Company
Casual Sail
05/11/22Saturday0900N/A Book Here
Saturday Paddle 12/11/22Saturday13451400
Keelboat Racing and Crewing13/11/22Sunday1000Inquire Here
Saturday Paddle 19/11/22Saturday13451400
Saturday Paddle 26/11/22Saturday13451400
Keelboat Racing and Crewing27/11/22Sunday09001000Inquire Here
Cruising in Company
Casual Sail
03/12/22Saturday0900N/A Book Here
Saturday Paddle03/12/22Saturday13451400
Keelboat Racing and Crewing04/12/22Sunday1000Inquire Here
Saturday Paddle10/12/22Saturday13451400
Keelboat Racing and Crewing11/12/22Sunday09001000Inquire Here
Keelboat Racing and Crewing18/12/22Sunday12301330Inquire Here
Cruising in Company
Casual Sail
07/01/23Saturday0900N/A Book Here
Saturday Paddle07/01/23Saturday13451400
Keelboat Racing and Crewing15/01/23Sunday12301330Inquire Here
Saturday Paddle21/01/23Saturday13451400
Keelboat Racing and Crewing22/01/23Sunday1000Inquire Here
Keelboat Racing and Crewing
Australia Day Cup
26/01/23Thursday09001000Inquire Here
Cruising in Company
Casual Sail
04/02/23Saturday0900N/A Book Here
Saturday Paddle04/02/23Saturday13451400
Saturday Paddle11/02/23Saturday13451400
Keelboat Racing and Crewing12/02/23Sunday1000Inquire Here
Saturday Paddle18/02/23Saturday13451400
Keelboat Racing and Crewing26/02/23Sunday09001000Inquire Here
Cruising in Company
Casual Sail
04/03/23Saturday0900N/A Book Here
Saturday Paddle04/03/23Saturday13451400
Keelboat Racing and Crewing12/03/23Sunday1000Inquire Here
Saturday Paddle18/03/23Saturday13451400
Keelboat Racing and Crewing19/03/23Sunday12301330Inquire Here
Saturday Paddle25/03/23Saturday13451400
Cruising in Company
Casual Sail
01/04/23Saturday0900N/A Book Here
Saturday Paddle01/04/23Saturday13451400
Saturday Paddle22/04/23Saturday13451400
Keelboat Racing and Crewing
Anzac Day / Diggers Cup
24/04/23Tuesday09001000Inquire Here
Saturday Paddle29/04/23Saturday13451400
Cruising in Company
Casual Sail
06/05/23Saturday0900N/A Book Here
Saturday Paddle20/05/23Saturday13451400
Saturday Paddle27/05/23Saturday13451400
Saturday Paddle03/06/23Saturday13451400
Cruising in Company
Casual Sail
10/06/23Saturday0900N/A Book Here
Saturday Paddle10/06/23Saturday13451400
Saturday Paddle17/06/23Saturday13451400
Cruising in Company
Casual Sail
01/07/23Saturday0900N/A Book Here
Saturday Paddle01/07/23Saturday13451400
Saturday Paddle08/07/23Saturday13451400
Saturday Paddle22/07/23Saturday13451400
Saturday Paddle29/07/23Saturday13451400
Cruising in Company
Casual Sail
05/08/23Saturday0900N/A Book Here